Directions on How to Use this Site

  1. Click one of the links under Home on the side pane under the computer icon or use the search cell above the computer icon to find a topic.
  2. Within each page look for the Table of Contents; click on a topic. Each topic will have Internet links and file downloads.
  3. Click on a file link to download a file or click on Internet site links indicated by small green arrows.
  4. Open the file. Note: If the file is created in Notebook software, the file name will have a .notebook extension. In this case you may need to download SMART Notebook SE collaborative learning software. At the site choose the operating system link. This will provide the Notebook file to open in a viewer. A PowerPoint will have either .ppt, pps, ppts or .pttx.
  5. Another option to open a Smart Tech Notebook file is to use the latest feature from SMART which is Web Objects online. Go to There will be a window to choose to open an existing Notebook file by pathing to the location where the file is saved on the computer. This allows the file to open up online without downloading any software to a computer.