Need a webcam, project documents or zoom in to those iPad/iPod/iPhone Apps?

IPEVO-Ziggi Model


Point 2 View Camera

The document camera is the Point 2 View (P2V) from IPEVO: Supports most Mac & PC Windows.

Point 2 View Camera

Check out the Tweet testimonial.

SMART Document Camera
Supports Mac & PC Windows.

Click on image to download PDF brochure.
SMART Document Camera

Celestron Handheld MicroscopeWatch the video and get prices. Supports PC Windows & most Mac 10.4.9 and later.
Celestron Handheld Microscope

MW1-LD2 Digital Camera Microscope

Supports PC Windows only.

Digital Zoom Microscope
Digital Zoom Microscope

Dino-Lite AM2011 and Tripod Stand

Supports PC Windows & most Mac.

external image dino_lite_211_w_ms10b_stand_463.jpg
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