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Anniversary of 9/11

9/11 Poems online:
What are kids learning about 9/11 in the classroom?

A video of Vandalia Elementary School Kids in Greensboro, NC Learn About 9/11
Through a Child's Eyes
Read more poems on 9/11:

A video of Denis Leary talking about what happened at the moment 9/11 events took place? Watch this video
A cartoon video on 9/11 for Kids

100 Days of School

A to Z Teacher Stuff---100 Days of School or More
external image starfall-com.gif
Enchanted Learning 100 Days of School Activities (K-1)
Harcourt 100 Days of School Counting (K-1)

Black History Month languages.gif

Scholastic on Black History

Watch videos at
A story "Imagine If There Were No Black People in the World"


Notebook files to download for the class:

Dr. Seuss

Click here for the Official Dr. Seuss Site

A mini-poster with Dr. Seuss poem – The More You Read, and a poem to inspire adults to read to children.

SmartBoard Notebook downloads for Dr. Seuss activities. Must create a user name and password.

Kidthing Thing Celebrates Dr. Seuss
Here are some web sites full of resources:

Dr. Seuss-Lessons, Printables and Resources A-Z

Read Across America-Activities & Printables
NEA Read Across America-Reading Rockets

Earth Day

earth day.jpg

History of Earth Day - Environmental Videos
Time Lapsed video across National Parks (4.50 mins.)
Earth Day Trivia Quiz
Starfall Link to Earth Day

BrainPop-Global Warming
SheppardSoftware-Earth Day
EPA's Recycling City


TeacherVision - Lesson Plans, Printables and More
TeacherVision - Lesson Plans, Printables and More

Easter Activities & Links
No More Easter WebQuest

Election Day

Watch Many History Videos at
Visit these sites at

Flag Day

Learn the US Flag History and Etiquette
Proclamation for Flag Day
FLAG DAY Projects on Enchanted Learning Flag Day activities, crafts, printouts, and quizzes
FLAG DAY Activities at Apples4 the Teacher
Flag Day activities, coloring pages, crafts, and word searches
FLAG DAY Lesson IdeasFlag Day link for activities, crafts, music, and recipes

Groundhog Day-Feb 2nd

PunxPhil's Official site explains what happened.

Click on Education World for activity links and Groundhog Day
Punxsutawney Phil

Groundhog Day at Starfall

History of Groundhog EduWorld.pngDay from
Teacher Vision-Printables and activities
Groundhog Coloring Pages
Your Day With Fun


Teachers Love Smart Boards - Halloween Games and Activities
Notebook Lesson Files


DLTK's Growing Together- Hanukka Activities
What is Hanukkah for kids?
Arthur celebrates Hanukkah
How to teach kids the meaning of Hanukkah
Facts about Hanukka at Fact Monster
Hanukka Activities at
TeacherVision - Lesson Plans, Printables and More
TeacherVision - Lesson Plans, Printables and More

Inauguration Day

Click here for Education World Inauguration Lessons
Click here for a quiz on Inauguration and the
link on the page is to be used for reference on the NOAA Inauguration.pdf file.

Click here for Standards and scroll down on the page.
Gr 4-5 Use InaugurationDay-09.notebook
(revised 1-14-09) to teach and access activity links
online or another file shared inaugurations-of.ppt
Download the Official Anthem "Hail To The Chief."HailToTheChief.mid

K-3 MemoryMatchInaugGame.notebook
K-3 InaugurationVortex.notebook
Gr-3-5 Try the JEOPARDY_Inauguration.pptx

Presidential Inauguration
Click here.
Click here.

Click Links to learn more:
US Politics in America
Change.Gov -The Office of President Elect
Time For Kids - ClassroomScholastic Inauguration Activities
1) Your Government, Your Choice Grade 1
2) Your Government, Your Choice Grades 1-2
3) Your Government, Your Choice Grades 3-5

More Scholastic on Elementary Inauguration
President Inauguration.COM
Recorded Books Audio (K-2)
Teacher Vision
Reading - Inauguration Theme Pack


DLTK's Growing Together - Kwanzaa Activities
EdHelper Kwanzaa Activites

Coloring Pages, Word Searches & ABC Teach
TeacherVision - Lesson Plans, Printables and More
TeacherVision - Lesson Plans, Printables and More

Kwanzaa Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Click here for Thematic lessons on MLK
Click here for Thematic lessons on MLK

Click on MLK_final.notebook(Gr4-5) activity.
Click on MLK quizgame.notebook
Click on MLK_final.notebook (Gr4-5) activity.
Click on MLK quizgame.notebook (Gr2-5) activity.
Listen to the speech "I Have a Dream,"
on Teacher Tube Martin Luther King Jr. More Than a Dream

MLK Discovery Education-Watch 14 Chapter videos.
Scholastic Commemorates the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.**
Listen to the speech "I Have a Dream," on Teacher Tube.

Link to many Enchanted Learning MLK activities
Click on Education World links to Martin Luther King Day.
Watch a Brain Pop movieon Martin Luther King Jr.
Listen to MLK's famous speech with photos.
Click this link for more MLK links and the Story of the Man MLK..
Scholastic - A Legacy of Service
United We Serve
Click here.
Click here.

President's Day WINKLINCOLN.gif

Notebook file on Presidents

**President's Day** Teacher Vision Resources
Education World is the place to be for exploring the U.S. Presidentson the Internet!
President's Day-Enchanted Learning
Watch the President slide show
**.****WHITEHOUSE 101** - Facts and Fun for all ages. Activities**

Read Across America Day

Background on Read Across America
Read Across America
Primary Games-Bookshelf*
external image starfall-com.gif
Read Aloud
RIF Reading Planet-Listen to Stories Aesop's FablesSome audible stories read by children; some stories in text

St. Patrick's Day



Learn the History of St. Patrick's Day
More SMART Exchange files to download....


Scholastic-The First Thanksgiving
Watch a BrainPop Movie on

Valentine's Day

external image heart2.jpg

CountingHearts.kid (K)
valentinemath.notebook (3)
ValentinesDayWordFun.notebook (2-4)
ValentinesDayMathFun.notebook (3-5)
Valentine Match Game (K-1)
Valentine Puzzle (K-1)
Valentine Counting (K-1)
Make a Valentine at StarFall (K-1)
Valentine Hearts Game (All ages)
Write a Poem at Read Write Think
Select hearts from celebration. (2-5)
Fun Facts and Trivia Hunt
Teacher Vision Printables
Word Search online on
Word Search online on Primary Games
Printable Word Search on

Veterans Day

Veterian's Day.png
VNEP Videos on Keystone on Demand for Veteran's Day
Watch the video "A Tribute to Veterans."
Watch the video "History of Veterans Day."
Listen and sing with 3rd graders singing "A Salute to the Troops."
From SILOAM Connection-Watch videos Freedom Isn't Free
Click here.
Click here.
Veterans Day for Kids video:
Interview with a Tuskegee Airman

PowerPoints for
download on Veterans Day

Log on to SMART Exchange to download Notebook file activities for Veterans Day.