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Visit Susan Rother's Art Room at West Elementary School in Jefferson City, Missouri --- You will find web sites with art-related games and activites. Please use the color coded system to find what you are looking for! Missoula County Public Schools K-5 fine Arts --- Interactive sites and museums----a must visit!
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Roy G. Biv

Guess the Color - Funbrain- Roy G. Biv, the world's most colorful parrot, wants you to know how colors of light mix to form other colors. LearningcolorsUS.notebook
WarmandcoolcolorsUS8.notebook Sample Template - Directions for teachers: Download the file, open and view the file. Resave the file and delete the pictures for students to do the activity. Save the file again without the pictures. Directions for students: Ask students to choose pictures from the library that match the colors. .noteook will open in SmartBoard Notebook 9.7+ software, isf will open in Inspiration 8 software. ColorMixingSample.isf

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